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quinn1Romance is in the air! Everywhere! I'm Quinn and I'm a romantic at heart woman who loves sharing dates with men who feel the same way as I do when it comes to intimate connections. I had a date recently with an older gentleman who made a huge impact on my love for romance, simply because he was in tune with my feelings one-hundred percent. Here is what our date was like, in case you want to find out what it would be like to experience this type of get-together with me yourself.

I'm Not One For Showing Everything Immediately

Many escorts will dress up in skimpy outfits to try to entice their clients from the very beginning. While this is certainly an option for some, I'm not that type of woman at all. I believe that holding back and keeping an air of mystery is always enticing. I wore a respectable outfit for our date and my client was more than pleased with my appearance. He told me he appreciated that I wasn't showing off my body to others as that would make him feel awkward. He said it would make him feel as though he had to compete with other men for my attention, simply based on the clothing I was wearing. 

We Decided To Have A Traditional-Styled Date

My client was old-fashioned. He was the type of gentleman that opened doors for women, allowed others to get in front of him in line, and who tipped well for service that went above and beyond. With the proper etiquette in place, I knew I was in for a relaxed date rather than one filled with stress or too much partying. We went out for a splendid dinner where we were able to converse over exquisite cuisine and tasty cocktails. The atmosphere was laid back and I really enjoyed getting to know my client better while feeling comfortable in the process. I was able to show my intellect and share stories about myself without feeling at all ashamed. 

Our Alone Time Was Much More Than I Expected

After our dinner, my client suggested going back to his hotel room to watch a classic movie together. I had never seen the title he selected and I really enjoyed watching something new with someone who was able to explain the scenes to me in detail. I waited for my client to make the first move for intimacy. After all, he was old-fashioned and I believe he would have been taken aback if I was the one to reach out for him. I didn't have to wait long. The romantic movie was so intense, someone had to do something! It was him. I felt him stroking my leg and looking at me with awe. From there, we spent a romantic time together that was well beyond my expectations. I can't divulge what we shared together....I'm not the type to kiss and tell!